Terms and conditions

§ 1 – Scope of application

These terms and conditions apply to the artists and the advertising partners.

Individual agreements made with the Influencer and the Advertising Partner in individual cases (including ancillary agreements, supplements and amendments) shall in all cases take precedence over these Terms and Conditions of Assignment. Subject to proof to the contrary, a written contract or our written confirmation shall be authoritative for the content of such agreements.


§ 2 – Offer and conclusion of contract

Initial inquiries by the advertising partner do not constitute an offer of contract. These are merely invitations to submit an offer, which is subsequently made by the Influencer.

The signature on the order for the advertising campaign by the Influencer thus constitutes an effective offer in accordance with the provisions of the German Civil Code.

The advertising partner can accept this within two weeks by signing the order for the advertising campaign. The deadline for acceptance is the receipt of the offer to the advertising partner by ue media GmbH. This receipt of the offer to the advertising partner must be confirmed by ue media GmbH within two weeks. Only through the signature of the advertising partner on the contract of the advertising campaign shall the binding acceptance take place in accordance with the provisions of the German Civil Code. Accordingly, a binding contract between the artist and the advertising partner is created at the time of the submission of both signed order contracts.


§ 3 – Remuneration

The payment of the agreed remuneration shall be made by the advertising partner within 30 days exclusively to the named account of ue media GmbH by way of cashless payment transactions. Default interest shall be charged in the amount of 9% above the respective base interest rate. ue media GmbH reserves the right to assert a higher damage caused by default.


§ 4 – Payment period

Payment for the advertising campaign shall become due for the advertising partner after acceptance of the advertising. He has a period of 30 days from acceptance.

If payment is made in installments, the advertising partner shall have a period of 30 days per installment due date.


§ 5 – Acceptance

The advertising partner must confirm or reject the advertising campaign in text form within two weeks of receipt.

If no confirmation in text form is received within this period, the contract shall lapse. ue media GmbH reserves the right to assert claims for damages.


§ 6 – Liability

ue media GmbH shall not be liable for defects in the advertising campaign. The artists shall indemnify ue media GmbH from claims of third parties. Claims arising from such defects must be made directly against the artist.

The claims for other damages based on a grossly negligent breach of duty of ue media GmbH or on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty of a legal representative or vicarious agent of ue media GmbH remain unaffected.


§ 7 – Final provisions

Should individual provisions of these GTC be or become invalid in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.


§ 8 – Premature termination

The order of the advertising campaign can be terminated by mutual agreement between the advertising partner and the artist by means of a termination agreement. The terms and conditions of the contract shall be agreed individually and jointly with the Artist in a separate termination agreement provided by ue media GmbH that can be individually designed.